Professional Vacuum Press Review


Marc Fish looks back at seven years of uninterrupted
service from his AirPress Professional vacuum press

AirPress was set up in 1994 and is credited with designing the first portable vacuum veneering system. Since then the company has grown and now offers a range of products to suit both the professional and amateur. These range from small single bag systems to large membrane bench presses.

I've been using a vacuum press from their Professional range for seven years and I can't imagine a workshop that doesn't use a vacuum bag. Their versatility and now low cost make them an essential tool.

This kit comes with a powerful 8m3hr vacuum press, 2.6 x 1.35m bag, 2m reinforced flexible hose, fitted with anti-kink spring guards and quick release connector, closures, and 3m of breather fabric.

With twice the evacuation speed of their 'Standard' kit, the Professional AirPress is a good choice for veneering and laminating larger panels, and with two ports it enables two bags to be run at the same time.

AirPress products are always well constructed and clearly built to last even in an industrial environment. Mine is probably on for around 20 hours a week and often runs overnight.

There have even been times when it has run constantly for an entire week only breaking for an hour per day to reload with fresh components. The design shown here is the latest version and features a couple of upgrades; new hose and new pump styling.

Vacuum Press Review

The kit is easy to use - the quick release connectors attaching the pump to the bag are positive and greatly appreciated when a quick turnaround is in full swing.

The bags are incredibly strong and withstand repeated use on some quite complex shapes.

They're available in various sizes with custom bags made to order. Over time they can show signs of wear but the lifespan can be increased if the formers are well finished. Damage is easily repaired, however, by using an optional repair kit available through AirPress.

Vacuum Pressing
Vacuum Press Review

F&C Vacuum Press Product Verdict

"In the seven years I have had my kit it has never skipped a beat and with no maintenance to undertake, it has given trouble free service.

The only minor incident occurred when a large piece of oak was dropped onto the pump smashing the vacuum gauge. Whilst the pump still worked the dial needed replacing and after a call to AirPress, it was quickly replaced and easily fitted."