Membrane Presses

Vacuum membrane presses differ from portable bag press systems by using a high stretch rubber membrane attached to a metal frame to apply the pressure as opposed to a polyurethane or vinyl bag. The membrane frame is supported by gas springs enabling free access to the platen eliminating the risk of damaging veneers when loading up a bag. In addition, since the rubber membrane is attached to the rigid frame, it cannot get trapped under the laminates on a curved former as can happen with a vacuum bag. This allows for one-man operation and guarantees fault free laminating. We offer a range of membrane presses from the compact BenchTop Press, ideal for schools or musical instrument makers, the affordable Self-Assembly BenchPress for those customers requiring a large high quality membrane press at a budget price and the top of the range new BenchPress, probably the most advanced vacuum press of its kind on the market today.

View the AirPress Membrane press range here and select the right system to solve all your veneering and laminating needs.

New BenchPress More info
Top of the range vacuum membrane press with choice of natural rubber membrane as standard or silicone rubber for hot pressing or thermoforming solid surface materials. Equipped with a fast, 40m3/hr rotary vane, maintenance free, vacuum pump and redesigned from the ground up with a multitude of innovative features.
The Self-Assembly BenchPress More info
The Self-Assembly BenchPress is an affordable membrane press exclusively designed by AirPress, making veneering and laminating flat and curved components easier than ever. This easy to assemble membrane press comes in kit form with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions to built your own top quality membrane press.
The BenchTop Vacuum Membrane Press More info
The BenchTop Press was designed by AirPress and sits nicely on any workbench. Designed for one man operation, this smaller membrane press is simple and easy to use and is popular with schools, colleges and box makers.
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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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