Our customers come from a variety of different woodworking trades and find our AirPress Vacuum Press systems an invaluable tool in their workshop.

Furniture making

No furniture making workshop should be without an AirPress portable vacuum press. It is an indispensable tool for veneering and laminating both flat and curved panels and can be packed away between jobs making it perfect for workshops with limited space. It can also be used for veneering round radiused edges on panels, as well as soft form mouldings and even low profile fielded panels.

Our low cost and reliable bag press systems have been tried and tested over the years and the Professional AirPress has become the first choice for Professional furniture and cabinetmakers with the faster, Industrial AirPress becoming more popular with the busier workshop.

For ease of use, upgrade to the Self-Assembly BenchPress at a saving of 60% off the cost of similar Membrane Press systems. Ideal for one man operation and uses the unique AirPress designed extruded cam technology for attaching the tough, flexible rubber membrane.

Recommended:ProPlus, Professional or Industrial AirPress, Self-Assembly BenchPress or the new BenchPress and VacPots


Curved panels, and decorative laminates are easily pressed with the portable bag press system and with our custom bags there is no limit to the size of panels that can be pressed. Check out the VacPots too for on-site work holding, they are great for holding panels for trimming laminates.

Recommended:ProPlus, Professional or Industrial AirPress, Self-Assembly BenchPress or the New BenchPress and VacPots

Kitchen/bedroom/bathroom manufacturing

Keep up with the latest trends in kitchens and bathrooms using the Industrial AirPress - an ideal tool for pressing curved doors and panels has the capacity to run up to four of the largest bags at a time with its built in four port manifold.

Corian and other solid surface materials can be easily thermoformed with the new Self-Assembly Membrane BenchPress when used with our high temperature resistant silicone membrane.

For instant workholding, without clamps for routing or sanding panels add our versatile VacPots to the bench, they save time and grip without leaving clamp marks.

Recommended: Industrial AirPress, Self-Assembly BenchPress or the New BenchPress and VacPots


The range of work on a boat facilitated by an AirPress is incredible, our Vacuum Press systems have been used for a range of applications from laying the deck on 130' racing yacht, to veneering and laminating fitted furniture and with our bespoke custom bag making facility there is never a job too big to accomplish.

Our Industrial AirPress and Self Assembly BenchPress are extremely popular with our BoatBuilding customers - see Tim Danin testimonial

Recommended: See the Industrial AirPress, Self-Assembly BenchPress or the New BenchPress and VacPots

Schools / colleges / universities

With prices starting at just £795 for a complete vacuum press system, the low cost and ease of use of the AirPress portable bag press make them ideal for schools and colleges and with space limited, the ability to store them away when not in use, a big advantage.

For real trouble free pressing, we designed the beautifully built BenchTop Press with schools in mind. This small format membrane press makes light work of pressing curved laminations or veneered panels and for clamp free holding those panels on the bench for routing or sanding check out the VacPots. They are a great add on once you have the vacuum pump.

Recommended: Standard, ProPlus or Professional AirPress, BenchTop Press, Self Assembly BenchPress or the New BenchPress


Did you know that you can use the AirPress for laminating curved "strings" and hand rails? Using our custom stair bags (long and narrow) you can produce perfect laminations without the need for dozens of clamps. Just slide the laminates inside the bag, fix in position on your drum former and switch on the Vacuum Pump.

For holding panels rigid on the bench, check out the AirPress VacPot clamping system.

Recommended:ProPlus, Professional and Industrial AirPress and VacPots


Rolls Royce and Bentley Motors have purchased 16 AirPress designed floorstanding machines between them for pressing leather onto the roofliners and steering wheels and for veneering laminated components with the finest walnut veneers.

The ability to press complicated shapes makes the AirPress the ideal tool for Automotive components.

Recommended: Industrial AirPress and Self-Assembly BenchPress or the New BenchPress


Intricate, skilled Marquetry can be pressed with our smaller bag systems. Priced economically for occasional pressing they are an indispensible and economical tool for the workshop and can be shared amongst the Marquetry Society Members.

Recommended: Standard AirPress

Musical instrument makers

Our AirPress is very popular with our wide range of musical instrument making customers from veneering and laminating guitar, violin and cello backs to harps and pianos. Laminating and veneering produces an exquisite instrument and many of our customers say they prefer the sound produced by laminating rather than shaping solid wood.

We designed the BenchTop Press for ease of use and one man operation. It sits on a bench and is ideal for musical instrument making due to its small capacity.

Recommended: Standard, ProPlus or Professional AirPress


Simply the best vacuum chuck system available today. Our RA1 Rotary Adaptor can be used with solid or hollow spindles and the precision made, gold anodised chucks with the clip on, moulded rubber gaskets ensure accurate and secure workholding.

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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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