Customer Testimonials

Gary Jones 

Good Morning Peter,

It has been a while since I first received my AirPress vacuum chucks and I wanted to let you know how they are working. When I first ordered them I had debated for a long time whether I could justify the cost of your units vs. some lower priced competitors. I finally made the choice to go with units and I am glad that I did. I couldn't be more pleased with how they work. They are an absolute pleasure to use. I use them almost exclusively to turn off the bottoms of the bowls/boxes I make and they work incredibly well. It is not often that a tool can be described as a joy to use, but that is how I would describe using your tools. I am happy that I made the right choice in purchasing your tools.

Gary Jones




I received my ProPlus kit last thursday, thanks alot for the delivery. I haven't tried it yet but it looks very well built. I am very happy I found out about your company :-)



Tracy Owen

I have been using AirPress Vacuum chucks and pumps in my workshop for over 8 years now. The versatility they give me in holding work is brilliant. For example while fixings are added, off centre work and re-chucking of bowls and platters to work on the base. The chucks are manufactured in the UK to a very high standard. In my opinion they are the best on the market and are a fantastic bit of kit.

Tracy Owen


Chris Forest Furniture Design

Just letting you know that my ProPlus AirPress arrived today. I can't believe how quick it came. Everything looks really great, thanks for the excellent service.

Chris Forest - Australia


Matthew Canning Custom Furniture & Joinery

Just a quick note to let you know that my ProPlus Vacuum Press arrived this morning. I couldn't be happier, thankyou so much for the great service and product.

Matthew Canning - Australia


George Gold Furniture

I would just like to mention that the Self Assembly Bench Press is a joy to use and the results are uniformly excellent, I'm very glad I decided on your product.

George Gold


Highwood Drums

I am utterly astounded at both how easy & how good the press is, it takes about 1/3rd of the set-up of my manual presses, the glue dries quicker using it and the results are flawless, 5 shells have already been made using it and are on their way to clients today. It makes me wish I had bought one 5 years ago.

I will be in touch about a 2nd bag to run at the same time very soon, thank you so much you just made my working life so much easier.

Gareth, Highwood Drums


Grech and Grech

The BenchPress has given us the best return on investment of any of our workshop machines. Since installing the press, it has been in constant use. Its flexibility to press all of our flat panels and a variety of shapes and materials has enabled us to meet the needs of our prestigious customers for exciting designs and exceptional quality furniture.

Donna Grech


Grosvenor and Christian

We purchased a vinyl bag from Airpress in 2002 and have had many years of wonderful results. Last year we were commissioned to produce a component for a piece of furniture with particularly awkward shaping. After speaking to Peter we were advised in this instance to use a PU bag. We duly went ahead and ordered the bag. Since using the PU bag we have not gone back. It offers an even greater stretch with incredible strength and gives us further confidence in a process that can occasionally catch you out.

At the time Peter also brought our attention to their F120 resin adhesive. It has fast become our adhesive of choice and never lets us down. The pot life and pressing times are perfect for our type of work.

Jason Grosvenor Roper


Timberworks Wales

We spent a long time looking over the different options of Vacuum products that AirPress do to meet our needs. We have a small workshop but really wanted a reliable membrane press that could laminate up to 8ft x 4ftsheets, after speaking extensively with Peter Hoggard of AirPress, it was decided that the Self Assembly Bench Press would be best for us.

Peter was fantastic throughout the entire process. We were given a list of materials that we would need to get for the bed along with full instructions on how to assemble the press when it arrived. The whole assembly only took one man a short time to put together.

It took us a long time to come to a decision as to whether to go-ahead and buy The Self Assembly Bench Press or continue on using a vacuum bag system that we already had. Time that we now regret as the Bench Press membrane press has been fantastic. It is easy to set up and use. There are no worries that there could be any air leakage that could cause bubbles or uneven laminating. It can cope with having very thick pieces of laminating to do and works consistently and quickly so there is no hanging about waiting for parts to set.

We are so happy with The Self Assembly Bench Press and the service that all staff members have given us that we have no hesitation recommending AirPress to anyone.


Simon Lorkin - Classic Dashboards

I would like to say a very big thanks to Air Press for these new polyurethane bags. They're worth their weight in gold. I've used the vinyl bags for the last ten years and they have been great but I'm delighted with these new bags. The extra cost to me is easily outweighed by the time saved as the bag is so much easier to move as it's more supple. Using an MDF base sheet doesn't ripple the bag when you're sliding it in. When the item is in the bag there's less creasing around the edges and it's stretches well, somehow gripping more efficiently.

I feel I can do more complex jobs with it as the bag does stretch and seems very unlikely to ever puncture. I would personally recommend these vacuum press bags and I will certainly buy another one in the near future.


Port Regis School

Airpress Professional - It's fantastic, we could not do without it. Being able to design products using veneers and laminations has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the students.

Mark Dunham


Windlip Snowboards

Building custom snowboards is a major part of our business and a reliable vacuum pump is essential to ensure a strong lamination and AirPress have delivered!

Our pump is coming up to its 8th year of continuous trouble free service

I certainly would not hesitate to recommend AirPress, Thanks for the service!


Marc Fish

Just a quick not to say that the bespoke bag you made for us over three years ago has now done over 800 glue ups. We are just about to start Nautilus III and I am sure the bag will do the required 200 glue ups. I am very happy with all the Airpress products we have purchased over the years, all of them are still in operation. Thanks again for an amazing range of products without which we would not be able to create furniture like Nautilus.

Marc Fish, furniture creator, teacher and author.


Robert Ingham Designs - Designer and maker of furniture & fine boxes

Vacuum presses have been in use for many decades. I used an industrial version at Leeds College of Art when I was a student back in the early sixties but this equipment was made to industrial standards and cost industrial prices. It was not until Peter Hoggard made the AirPress available in 1993 that this versatile method of laminating curves became available to designer makers who had small, and often, one man workshops. I bought a portable AirPress bag system from the first batch that Peter produced and more recently, have added a Bench Press to my workshop. I am always pleased with and impressed by the build quality of AirPress vacuum pressing equipment and in my opinion the reason for this is the result of Peter's knowledge and experience with designing and making furniture as this was his profession before he set up AirPress. While there are other versions of this equipment, I can say without doubt that the AirPress is in a league of its own.

Robert Ingham


Stoneham Kitchens

The service received from Airpress has been fast, efficient and professional.

The equipment has proven to be reliable and robust in the production of Stoneham's increasing demand for quality curved wood components and doors.

Adrian Stoneham, Managing Director


Telynau Teifi - Musical Instrument Maker

We are always dealt with efficiently and promptly by the whole AirPress team. It is satisfying to know that the AirPress staff are always at the end of a phone to offer advice and suggestions, and we wholeheartedly recommend their products and service.

Justine Dodd


S.A.S. Cote d'Azur Carpentry

Dear Mandy and Peter,

I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press. It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable, it is quick and very efficient, and the fact that bags can be used at the same time really helps to push projects along.

From the beginning I have been very happy with the service that you provide and was very impressed with the product, the packaging,the instructions and even tool kit supplied when the order arrived. The after sales service continues to be great and it's always good to know that there is someone to talk to and get advice on all aspects of the press and also the problems sometimes encountered with vacuum pressing.

I would highly recommend this product as well as the bags system and without it would really struggle to do the work I do and keep the high standards.

It is definitely one of my most valuable tools and one that I use on a daily basis.

Please find attached a couple of photos of projects done with the press.

Thanks again
All the best
Tim Danin


S C Brown Design & Restorations

Can I just take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with my Airpress, it has paid for itself time and time again and assisted me in taking on projects that I would otherwise had to refuse.

Stuart Brown


Ringwood School

In the past for GCSE projects at Ringwood School, we have always used moulds and clamps to laminate curved work. Having to make both male and female formers has always been time consuming and using them problematic (clamps slipping and projects moving as the glue dried).

Last year we acquired a cheap oil filled vacuum pump and attempted to put together our first vacuum press. Unfortunately, the oil filled pump continually leaked oil, there were fumes and it was slow at creating a vacuum. We realised we had made a mistake!

We contacted AirPress for advice and decided to purchase their Standard AirPress. Their Standard dry running vacuum pump is outstanding. The performance compared to the oil one is astonishing, with immediate suction and no loss of pressure. The Airpress pump also provides a safe working environment for the pupils, with no maintenance worries with regards to keeping track of oil levels etc. We have now doubled the amount of laminated projects, purely down to the ease and simplicity of using the kit.

We would highly recommend not only using Airpress for their quality equipment, but also for the outstanding service we have encountered from everyone at Airpress. They have time and again gone out of their way to help us with any advice we needed on using the Vacuum Press system. We will certainly be using them for any future needs.

Peter Goddard

D&T Department, Ringwood School


Clive, Woodturner

Just a note to say thanks, I am really pleased with my M33 vacuum adapter and air filter. It came the day after we spoke, I was so pleased it went together, so easy and worked a treat. I've used it to finish off four projects and to do some other bits. The whole thing is a very nice piece of engineering, you can tell I'm sure that I am pleased.

Once again many thanks,
Best Wishes,


Peter Dunsmore, Woodworking

As an old customer of nearly 20 years standing I would just like to say how pleased I am with your air press system. After nearly two decades of regular use I have finally given in and had to purchase a replacement bag. The vacuum pump itself is still in first class working order and I see no reason why it shouldn't carry on for another 20 years.

Peter Dunsmore


Paul McKernan, Woodturner

I am absolutely delighted with the vacuum chuck. It is exactly what I wanted. In addition your support was fantastic.. Thank you.


Case Guitars

My AirPress Standard is perfect for making the laminated arch tops and backs of my guitars. It still amazes me to see the laminates take on the form of my moulds when the pump is switched on. Airpress's back up service is also very good from administration to technical advice.

Jon Case


Sowerby Ash Framing

I bought a Professional AirPress back in 2013, It is in regular use veneering up the various sets of Bentley Interior wood dashboards and trim and laminating sections of ash bodywork frames for vintage cars.

It is a fantastic vacuum press and I would not be without it in my workshop.

Stephen Sowerby


Warren Andrews-Smith

I recently acquired a Heater Mat from AirPress and I have to say that for me it is a game-changer. It is billed as a great solution for curved panels but I find I want to use it all the time. I have used it predominantly with the AirPress Easybond PVA glue to bond veneer to flat panels using a 3mm MDF caul and I find it has 3 great advantages: Once in the press and turned on it only needs to be in there for around 10 minutes, trimming and clean up is easier and Tesa veneer tape is easier to remove and less likely to pull the grain with it. This product is fantastic and I am really glad I have it.


Steven Smithey

The heater mat and PU bag have improved what is a very good process. The addition of the heating mat has transformed my AirPress. Veneered curved doors in the middle of winter in 40 mins.


Andreas - Sweden

Hi, I just wanted to say I am very pleased with my ProPlus Vacuum Press kit and my glue - it all worked perfectly.


Liam Cooke - Carpenter


Just wanted to drop you a line to say what an excellent product the two pump air press package is but more than that what incredible service I got. Knowledgeable, efficient and above all decent. Couldn’t ask for more. 

Many thanks



Nathanael Griffiths - Young British Woodturner of the Year 2019

This thing is awesome! I’ve wanted a vacuum chuck for ages and as of yesterday I’ve finally got one! I haven’t had a proper go of it yet but when I do it will speed up production of bowls by a huge amount. I’ve also got loads of super cool ideas of other stuff I can do with it.

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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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