Easy-Bond D3 Cross-Linking PVA Veneer Glue - 5KG


Easy to use, fast setting filtered PVA veneer glue for veneering small to medium flat panels, 5KG. EasyBond D3 PVA is a single component PVA wood adhesive with good water resistance and can be used for both hot and cold pressing in a vacuum press, flat bed press as well as for general joinery and furniture applications such as table, chairs, cabinets etc. It can also be cured using radio frequency equipment.Good water resistance to BSEN204 and creep resistance to BS4071.  Quick curing and excellent bond strength on soft and hard wood. Now Filtered! We recently discovered that most D3 PVA glues contain small hard lumps that can cause problems when veneering or pressing plastic laminates. These lumps are formed from concentrations of aluminium trichloride which is used to make the glue more water resistant. These small lumps are not much bigger than a pin head and usually go unnoticed until the glue is filtered when you can see them left in the bottom of the sieve. In fact, we sieved several PVA’s from different manufacturers before we realised that this was a problem. As a result, we asked our adhesive manufacturer to filter our PVA glue through a fine sieve making our EasyBond D3 PVA possibly the only D3 PVA on the market thats lump free.

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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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