150mm Pfohl Glue Spreader - PVA/UF Resin Roller


Pfohl Glue Spreaders:

Pfohl handheld Glue Spreaders are widely considered to be the best in the world and we are delighted to add these to our product range. Designed for applying glues quickly and uniformly for veneering or laminating flat or curved panels, they are an indispensable tool for trouble free pressing.

Why choose Pfohl:

The superb quality of the pressure cast aluminium trough and the accuracy of the cnc machining is key to its performance. Precise tolerances between the aluminium roller and the edges of the opening at the base of the trough minimises leakage and ensures a uniform coating of glue. This attention to detail at this critical area of the casting is what make Pfohl glue spreaders superior to all other glue spreaders that are sold around the world.

Rubber Roller:

This glue spreader comes with a 150mm wide, grey rubber roller for applying both PVA and UF Resins. This ribbed, non-porous roller is easier and quicker to clean and does not require drying time like the orange, porous, sponge rollers, however, sponge rollers are available if preferred.

Easy application: 

Each glue spreader comes with a stand to keep the bench clean. With the spreader sitting on the stand, move the trigger towards the handle. This isolates the rubber roller from the aluminium roller inside the trough to prevent the glue from seeping out. You can now fill the trough with glue. To spread the glue push the trigger away from the handle allowing the rubber roller to engage with the aluminium roller in the trough and roll over the surface of your panel. When the panel has been coated with glue, pull back the trigger and quickly roll over the panel again to give an evenly distributed coating of glue. After applying PVA or a Resin, the glue spreader can be dismantled and cleaned with warm water and a brush.

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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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