F&C Mini Test: AirPress Industrial Pump Kit

The Industrial AirPress Pump Kit runs four large bags simultaneously with four built in ports. The kit comes with a massive 3,200 x 1,350mm vinyl bag, two bag closures, 3m of breather fabric and one anti-kink hose. I found the extra size bag very useful at first, especially for veneering

whole sheets, but custom size bags are available to order. The pump has twice the capacity of the Professional unit at 16m3/hr and although I’ve never had to run four bags at once, it has proved to be more than capable of handling our largest bag 4m x 5m.

It is fitted to a powder coated tubular frame and mounted on castors for mobility. My work is sculptural and often includes large odd shapes, so taking the vacuum system to the job is a real help. Once again AirPress have produced an exceptional product clearly built to last.

Airpress Industrial Pump Kit