Veneer and Laminating Glue

Our choice of veneer and laminating glue for wood based materials is based on a number of practical considerations: Ease of use, reliability, cost, open time, pot life and pressing time. We have short listed just two adhesives that meet these criteria: a D3 cross linking PVA (polyvinyl acetate) and a UF (urea formaldehyde) resin.

PVA glues and UF resins are two very different adhesives with varying pros and cons. Both veneering glues have their place in the workshop:

As a one component adhesive, our Easy-Bond D3, cross linking PVA is the easiest to use, offering the shortest cold pressing time and good water resistance. It can be cleaned off when wet with a damp cloth and dries transparent. It is a good choice of veneering glue for small to medium sized flat panels and lipping.

The UF-R EasyBond UF Liquid Resin with the fast curing UF-H powder hardener has a longer open time and pot life making it more suitable for veneering larger panels or multiple panels. It dries with a hard glue line, can be cleaned off when wet with warm water and is resistant to heat and water when cured. This is our preferred choice of adhesive for laminating curved panels where minimising spring back on removal from the former is crucial and veneering larger panels, table tops etc.

Easy-Bond D3 Cross-Linking PVA Veneer Glue - 5KG More info
Easy to use, fast setting PVA veneer glue for veneering small to medium flat panels.
EasyBond UF-R Urea Formaldehyde Liquid Resin with UF-H Hardener - 5KG/500g More info
Liquid resin/powder hardener two pack - Veneer and Laminating glue. Easily mixed 10:1 by weight - recommended for laminating curved panels and trouble free veneering of large or multiple flat panels
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"I would just like to write and tell you how pleased I am with the self assembly bench press.

It has been fantastic and has allowed me to do such a huge range of different projects.

Working on yacht interiors I do a lot of veneer and laminate work and it has proved invaluable."
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